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Pork 猪肉产品

ANY 2 FOR $18.90!
Shabu Shabu Pork Collar 火锅五花肉 400gm/pkt
229 available
Sliced Pig Skin 火锅猪皮 200gm/pkt
239 available
Pig Tendon 猪脚根 500gm/pkt
237 available
Chestnut Pork Belly 栗子三层肉 200gm/pkt
150 available
ANY 2 FOR $18.90!
Shabu Shabu Pork Belly 火锅三层肉 400gm/pkt
129 available
Big Pork Siew Mai 大烧卖 15pcs/pkt
231 available
ANY 2 FOR $11.50
Pig Skin Roll Slice 猪皮鱼卷 250gm/pkt
268 available
Iberico Pork Collar 西班牙五花肉 200gm/pkt
20 available
Iberico Pork Belly 西班牙三层肉 200gm/pkt
26 available
Chestnut Pork Collar 栗子五花肉 200gm/pkt
175 available
Big Pork Bun Handmade 手工大肉包 4pcs/pkt
188 available
Bbq Pork Bun Handmade 手工叉烧包 10pcs/pkt
236 available
Pork Ball With Meat 包心丸 500gm/pkt
131 available
Fuzhou Fish Ball 福州猪肉丸 10pcs/pkt
121 available
Streaky Bacon 培根猪肉 250gm/pkt
172 available
Cooked Braised Pork 扣肉 10pcs/pkt
132 available
GD Taiwan Pork Sausage 台弯猪肉香肠 250gm/pkt
161 available
GD Taiwan Pork Cocktail Sausage 台弯迷你猪肉香肠 250gm/pkt
151 available
972 Pork Ball 972 猪肉丸 1kg/pkt
210 available
Pork Ball (Big) 55猪肉丸 1kg/pkt
141 available

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