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Soy & Noodle

Taiwan Frozen Tofu 台湾冻豆腐 300gm/pkt
165 available
BUY 3 FOR $10.90
Soya Ring Roll 零零卷 180gm/pkt
47 available
ANY 2 FOR $5.00
Yellow Curry Paste 黄咖喱酱 100gm/pkt
30 available
ANY 2 FOR $5.00
Tom Yam Paste 东炎酱 100gm/pkt
37 available
ANY 2 FOR $5.00
Singapore Laksa Paste 新加坡辣沙酱 100gm/pkt
68 available
BUY 3 FOR $2.00
Bean Vermicelli 冬粉 50gm/pkt
215 available
Thick Vermicelli 粗米粉 420gm/pkt
Out of Stock
Yellow Noodles 熟面 420gm/pkt
Out of Stock
Handmade Noodles 手工面 420gm/pkt
Out of Stock
Kway Teow 中果条 420gm/pkt
Out of Stock
Unicurd Box Tofu 盒装豆腐
90 available
Small Beancurd 小豆干 4pcs/pkt
35 available
Tao Pok 豆卜 10pcs/pkt
46 available
Dan Dan Mee Kia 担担面仔 320gm/pkt
Out of Stock
Egg Tofu 鸡蛋豆腐 4pcs/pkt
108 available

Steamboat Items Delivery | Yong Tau Foo Singapore | Joo Hwa Food | Mr Joy’s Hot pot

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Our steamboat or hotpot ingredients includes steamboat or hotpot Specialty, Taiwanese Products, Handmade Dumplings, Shabu Shabu Pork Belly, steamboat Balls, Sausages, Sauce & Canned Food, Vegetables & Mushrooms. At Joo Hwa, we are best know for our Mouth-Watering Fresh and Frozen Yong Tau Foo Ingredients in Singapore. Each piece of Yong Tau Foo Ingredients at Joo Hwa is made with special recipe. When you pair our Yong Tau Foo Ingredients with a steamboat or hotpot meal, the taste of your steamboat or hotpot soup is instantly elevated.

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