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Dim Sum & Finger Food

Bbq Drumlets 烧烤鸡腿 500gm/pkt
52 available
BUY 2 FOR $16.80
Seaweed Chicken 纸菜鸡 500gm/pkt
34 available
BUY 2 FOR $13.50
Ebi Tempura Prawns 天妇罗虾 10pcs/pkt
Out of Stock
Garlic Chicken Katsudon 蒜蓉鸡扒 500gm/pkt
42 available
Yakitori Chicken 日式鸡肉串 10pcs/pkt
96 available
BUY 2 FOR $14.90
Butterfly Prawns 蝴蝶虾 340gm/pkt
Out of Stock
BUY 2 SAVE $1.50
Dim Sum Pork Ribs 点心排骨 500gm/pkt
40 available
Dim Sum Chicken Feet 点心凤爪 500gm/pkt
66 available
Cooked Braised Pork 扣肉 10pcs/pkt
31 available
BUY 2 FOR $7.90
Bao Skin For Kong Bah 柳叶包 10pcs/pkt
34 available
SAVE $0.60
Kong Bah Bao 扣肉包 5pcs/pkt
57 available
BUY 2 SAVE $1.50
Lotus Paste Bun Handmade 手工莲蓉包 10pcs/pkt
31 available
BUY 2 FOR $8.50
Vegetable Bun Handmade 手工菜包 5pcs/pkt
48 available
BUY 2 SAVE $1.4
Big Pork Bun Handmade 手工大肉包 4pcs/pkt
99 available
Seafood Gyoza 海鲜锅贴 20pcs/pkt
44 available
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Steamboat Items Delivery | Yong Tau Foo Singapore | Joo Hwa Food

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Our steamboat or hotpot ingredients includes steamboat or hotpot Specialty, Taiwanese Products, Handmade Dumplings, Shabu Shabu Pork Belly, steamboat Balls, Sausages, Sauce & Canned Food, Vegetables & Mushrooms. At Joo Hwa, we are best know for our Mouth-Watering Fresh and Frozen Yong Tau Foo Ingredients in Singapore. Each piece of Yong Tau Foo Ingredients at Joo Hwa is made with special recipe. When you pair our Yong Tau Foo Ingredients with a steamboat or hotpot meal, the taste of your steamboat or hotpot soup is instantly elevated.