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Chestnut Pork Collar 栗子五花肉 200gm/pkt
179 available
SAVE $0.95
Frozen White Clams Cooked 冷冻蛤蜊 1kg/pkt
166 available
Frozen Abalone half shelled 冷冻鲍鱼 29pcs/pkt
96 available
SAVE $2.90
Half Shell Scallops 扇贝 1kg/pkt
143 available
Scallop Meat Australia 澳洲新鲜带子 300gm/pkt
Out of Stock
SAVE $1.00
Steamboat Mix 火锅综合包 270gm/pkt
224 available
SAVE $0.50
Kanimi Chunk 北海道蟹脚 250gm/pkt
182 available
SAVE $0.70
Fish Dumpling With Shrimp (White) 鱼绞 (白) 10pcs/pkt
169 available
Fukubukuro Roe 福袋鱼子 400gm/pkt
247 available
Fresh Taokee 新鲜酿腐竹片 12pcs/pkt
174 available
ANY 2 FOR $10.50
Steamboat Shrimp Paste 火锅虾滑 150gm/pkt
106 available
Crab Claw Meat Frozen Cooked 冷冻蟹钳肉 500gm/pkt
Out of Stock
Farwest Australia Scallop Meat 发辉带子 20/40 2kg/pkt
46 available
Yoshihama Abalone 日本罐头鲍鱼 425gm/can
108 available
Sambal Belacan Power Wahyu 180gm
70 available
Pork Ball With Meat 包心丸 500gm/pkt
144 available
BUY 3 SAVE $1.50
Glutinous Rice Ball Taiwan (Sesame) 台湾芝麻汤圆 8pcs/pkt
356 available
BUY 3 SAVE $1.50
Glutinous Rice Ball Taiwan (Peanut) 台湾花生汤圆 8pcs/pkt
376 available
Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Soup Base Tomato 海底捞番茄火锅汤料 200gm/pkt
131 available
Taiwan Sotong Ball 台湾苏东丸 500gm/pkt
Out of Stock
Sweet White Corn 白玉米 2pcs/pkt
199 available
Steamboat Vegetables Box A 欢乐农场 A 1.25Kg/Box
45 available
SAVE $1.45
Fish Solo 富贵鱼 270gm/pkt
125 available
SAVE $2.50
Frozen Salmon Portion 冷冻三文鱼 300gm/pkt
90 available
Sea Cucumber Sandfish 澳洲秃参 500gm/pkt
104 available
SAVE $4.80
Tiger Prawns Frozen 冷冻老虎虾 1kg/pkt
132 available
SAVE $2.15
Ang Ka Prawns Frozen 冷冻红脚虾 1kg/pkt
123 available
SAVE $1.00
Mushrooms Platter 香菇综合组 700gm/box
104 available
Cheese Tofu 起司豆腐 (平旺) 200gm/pkt
105 available
Fish Ball With Cheese 台湾起司球 120gm/pkt
189 available
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