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Shrimp Paste With Roe 鱼子虾滑 150gm/pkt
ANY 2 FOR $10.50
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Shrimp Paste With Roe 鱼子虾滑, Best Hot Pot Home Delivery

Package Included:

Main Ingredient:
Fresh Shrimp Meat, Fish roe, Water, Soybean Oil, Salt, Sugar, MSG, Sesame Oil, Starch

Shelf Life:

-18 Deg Freezer

Cheese Shrimp Paste 起司虾滑
Shrimp paste with roe for all steamboat and haidilao fans! Enjoy chewy and fresh shrimp paste with added fish roe as a new hot pot ingredient, convenient option to have it home. Squeeze the paste into any shape you like, have fun while enjoying delicious steamboat ingredients from Joo Hwa Food.

Defrost for 30 mins, squeeze paste into boiling water or steamboat and boil for 8 mins.

Steamboat Ingredients
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Hotpot Shrimp Paste Deals!

ANY 2 FOR $10.50
Steamboat Shrimp Paste 火锅虾滑 150gm/pkt
110 available

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